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We annually handle over 200,000 tonnes of combinable crops for over 300 growers.


Our sites include varying sized silos and flat stores allowing for the separation of grain for greater marketing opportunities.
The storage facilities are operated using technology which maximises efficiency and minimises operating costs, while allowing for rapid lorry turnaround times in the harvest season.


It is our commitment to collect grain off-farm within 72 Hours.
We provide a haulage service to collect the grain off our members’ farms at harvest time, and it is our commitment to have grain collected off-farm within 24 to 72 hours. We operate our own fleet of lorries, and have extensive relationships with local and national grain hauliers, giving us very close control of the year-round movement of grain in and out of our stores.


Providing our members access to specialist marketing expertise.
We provide our members access to specialist marketing expertise, with their grain being marketed through various pools by independent marketing agents who work in close consultation with our marketing committee.

We blend grain to meet our customers’ requirements, thereby maximising our members’ returns. Trinity Grain is firmly established as a preferred supplier to millers, maltsters, compounders and shippers because of its ability to offer large consignments of known specification grain.

Quality Assurance

Professional quality management to meet customer requirements.

Our professional quality management systems assure that grain quality is preserved during storage. All grain accepted and despatched from our stores is analysed in our onsite laboratories.

Trinity Grain is certified under the Trade Assurance Scheme for Combinable Crops, and we have full traceability of the movement of grain in and out of our stores.

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